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NexClipper Components

NexClipper has three main components:
NexClipper runs in the type of DaemonSet, StatefulSet, and Deployment within Kubernetes cluster.
All resources run in the nex-system, nexclipper Namespace by default, and contain ecosystem related to Prometheus.

Klevr AgentDaemonSetCommunicate with NexClipper Manager
ProvbeeDeploymentProvisioning and Task Processing
MetricArkDeploymentBasic Dashboard & Serving composite API
WebStorkDeploymentWeb tunnel for Cloud-native application
PrometheusDeploymentMetric-Based Monitoring Tool
node-exporterDaemonSetMachine Metric Collection Exporter
GrafanaDeploymentVisualization Dashboard Tool
Kube-state-metricsDeploymentCluster Metric Collection Tool
AlertmanagerDeploymentAlarm Management Tools
pushgatewayDeploymentSmall Batchjob Metric Collection Tool
PromlensDeploymentQuery Builder based on PromQL
PromscaleDeploymentPrometheus Metric Analysis Tool
TimescaleDBStatefulSetTime Series-Based SQL DB
MetricOperatorDeploymentCaching Cluster State

NexClipper Components has been tested for Kubernetes version 1.15.12 or higher. Problems may occur in lower versions.